The Code 192 Dashboard Platform is an end-to-end solution for creating, managing and sharing interactive business dashboards. It includes a powerful dashboard designer application for easily composing dashboards as well as a web interface for managing and sharing dashboards.

Key features

Wide variety of Data Sources — All the commonly used data sources including Microsoft Excel, CSV, Microsoft SQL Server and JSON or server based data sources like SQL Server, SQLite, ODBC Connection (MySQL, Oracle and Access), Microsoft Azure Table Storage, Salesforce and Spark SQL, or RESTful web services through Web Data Source are supported.

Powerful ETL — Seamless integration with the Code 192 Big Data platform provides access to the most versatile ETL tools available.

Business user friendly — The drag-and-drop friendly dashboard designer application makes it possible for business users to compose and publish dashboards without any help from IT.

Rich selection of widgets — All the widgets commonly used in business dashboards like a variety of charts, gauges, maps, treemaps and grids have been included.

HTML5 Powered — Dashboards are rendered using HTML5 so the only requirement for end users to view dashboards is to have a modern browser installed.

Embed dashboards within your applications — Code 192 Dashboard Platform ships with a powerful server application for managing and sharing dashboards but if you prefer to host the dashboards within your applications then we also provide a viewer control.

Data stays in your servers — You can host the dashboard server within your local network or on your secure cloud servers so all the data remains secure within your servers.

Cost Effective licensing — Our licensing is cost effective for both small and large teams. Please contact us for more details.

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