Database Uninstaller


At any time, you can remove the resources that were created in Alpana Server and drop the Alpana Server database without uninstalling the Alpana Server setup from the Control Panel.

By doing this, you can remove the test dashboards that you have created for evaluating Alpana Server or can re-configure Alpana Server.


The Database Uninstaller is located at : C:\code192\Alpana Server\Utilities\DatabaseUninstaller\DatabaseUninstaller.exe


Alpana Server is deployed in the below location by default :

C:\code192\Alpana Server\Server.Web\

Follow the instructions below to remove resources and drop the database of Alpana Server :

1. stop Server

Step 1: Stop Alpana Server from the Desktop shortcut “Stop code192 Alpana Server IIS”

2. open command prompt

Step 2: Open command prompt in administrator mode and navigate to the DatabaseUninstaller tool installed location.

3. start process

Step 3: Type databaseuninstaller dashboardserver to remove resources and drop the database

The tool will remove the resources and drop the database and will return a “success” message if the process underwent successfully.