Connection String Editor


This section explains how to update credential details on the connection string for Alpana Server MS SQL Server database.

The credentials used to connect to the Dashboard Server database in the Syncfusion Dashboard Server can be changed at any time.


The Connection String Editor is located at : C:\code192\Alpana Server\Utilities\ConnectionStringEditor\ConnectionStringEditor.exe


Alpana Server is deployed in the below location by default :

C:\code192\Alpana Server\Server.Web\

Follow the below steps to change the Database Credentials :

1. stop Server

Step 1: Stop Alpana Server from the Desktop shortcut “Stop code192 Alpana Server IIS”

2. start Connection String Editor

Step 2: Open the ConnectionStringEditor.exe tool in installed location.

3. update values

Step 3: The connection details that were supplied while starting up Alpana Server application will be populated in the utility. The utility will allow to change the Authentication Type and the Server and Database name will not be able to change.

4. update values and save

Step 4: If “SQL Server Authentication” type selected it requires Login and Password to fill. In case of “Windows Authentication” type it doesn’t need to be filled. After filling the connection details proceed to save.

The utility will test the connection to the database with the given details. If the connection test passes, the new connection details will be updated in the connection string of the Alpana Server database.

The tool will change the Database Credentials and will return a “success” message if the process underwent successfully.