Host in IIS

To enable SSL for the Dashboard Server application, you will need a valid SSL certificate. Please check the below link on how to Obtain an SSL certificate and install it to a website in IIS.

how-to-set-up-ssl-on-iis (external link)


If you want to access Dashboard Server from a different machine to the one it’s installed on, use the URL http://machine_name:[port_number] or http://machine_ip_address:[port_number]

SSL for Dashboard Service

It is necessary to enable the SSL for the Dashboard Service if you have configured the SSL for Dashboard Server Application.

To configure SSL for Dashboard Service, run code192 Dashboard Service Configuration Manager application from the following location.

 {Installed_Location}\code192\Dashboard Server\DashboardServer.Web\DashboardService 

Choose the type of configuration required and click on Save button.


code192DashboardServiceConfigurationManager.exe requires administrator mode.