Formatting Columns

Renaming Column


For Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services connection type, column renaming is not supported.

Rename the column, if required, through double clicking the respective column to enable the edit mode and typing the modified name. Press <Enter> key to commit the modification done.

The renamed column will be represented by (*) mark.

You can also rename the column through the Settings icon which will be displayed like below while hovering the respective column.

Click this icon to drop down the menu with Rename Column, clicking which the edit mode will be enabled in that column.

Handling Column Type Conversion


For Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services Connection type, type conversions can be handled only on string typed columns. The possible conversions are Text to Date Time and vice-versa.

The following table represents the column types and their equivalent convertible types that are supported in Dashboard Designer.

Column Data Type Equivalent Convertible Types
Decimal DateTime, Text
Integer Decimal, DateTime, Text
Date Time Decimal, Text
Text DateTime, Decimal