Filtering Views through URL Parameters

URL Filters

Filter the dashboard based on column values by using URL filters. These filters will act as initial filter while launch the dashboard.

URL Structure

The basic URL pattern



Preview in Local:


  • To start the query string with question mark (?)

  • If you already have query string, you can start with ampersand (&) character

URL Filter Functions

The following functions are supported:

Range Functions:

  • IN()

  • NOTIN()

  • Between()

  • InBetween()

  • like()

The syntax for using the above functions is





DateTime Functions

  • Year

  • MonthName

  • Quarter

  • QuarterYear

  • MonthYear

  • DayMonthYear

  • MonthDayYear

  • Hours

  • Minutes

  • Day

  • Seconds

  • DateHour

  • DayOfWeek

  • DayOfYear

  • WeekOfYear

The syntax for the functions is

   FunctionName(DateTime Column Name)=value 


We have used ‘Worldwide Car Sales’ dashboard which comes under Dashboard Server.

Step 1: Add question mark (?) with Continent=in(Africa) or Country=Africa


Syntax for passing more than one value:

  Column Name=value1, value2…  

Ex: Continent=in(Asia, Africa,Europe) or Country=Asia,Africa,Europe


We have used ‘Northwind Traders Sales Analysis’ for date functions which comes under Dashboard Server.

Syntax for passing Year :

            year(DateTime Column Name)=value

Ex: Year(OrderDate)=1996

Syntax for passing more than one value:

            year(DateTime Column Name)=value1, value2…  


Use ‘&’ for adding multiple filter



  • Both IN and NOTIN functions can be used with DateTime values but, LIKE function cannot be used with DateTime value.

  • The above function names are case insensitive. So function name can be given in both upper case, lower case or mixed casing.

  • Value(s) should be case sensitive.

  • In case value contains comma (,) or ampersand (&) then, use escape character tilde (~) as prefix and suffix for those characters. For example, CompanyName=Code 192 Inc~,~.

  • Any invalid column name in filter, it will be ignored from filter.
  • Any invalid value in filter, ‘no data available’ will be displayed.