Keyboard Shortcuts

Code 192 Dashboard Designer allows you to create dashboard using Keyboard (without mouse). You can use the following shortcut keys to work with dashboard.

Shortcut keys:

Menu Shortcuts

Action Shortcut Key
Create New Dashboard Ctrl + N
Create New Data source Ctrl + Shift + N
Open Filter Action Window Ctrl+ F
Open Dashboard Ctrl + O
Close Current Tab Ctrl + T
Save Dashboard Report Ctrl + S
Redo Ctrl + Y
Undo Ctrl + Z
Copy Ctrl+ C
Paste Ctrl+ V
Move Next Tab Ctrl + Tab
Move Previous Tab Ctrl+ Shift + Tab
Import Dashboard Ctrl + Shift + O
Publish Dashboard Ctrl + Shift + P
Publish Widget Shift + Alt + P
Import Data Source Ctrl + Shift + I
Publish Data source Ctrl + Alt + P
Exit Application Alt + F4
Help F1
Preview F5
Control Selection Change Tab
Open control Properties F4
Delete selected control Del
Cancel drag operation Esc
To navigate Tab
Reverse navigation Shift + Tab
Close the current opened window Esc
Update current window Enter
To rename the report Ctrl +R
Open sub menu of File Alt + F
Open sub menu of Edit Alt + E
Open sub menu of Windows Alt + W
Open sub menu of settings Alt + T

Dashboard Design Page

Action Shortcut Key
To move control use Arrow keys
To resize control use Shift + Arrow
To move next or previous control use Ctrl + Arrow

Data Design Page

Action Shortcut Key
To open Join editor Ctrl + J
To open expression editor Ctrl + E
To open Initial filter Ctrl + I

In Expression editor

Action Shortcut Key
Add new expression Ctrl + I
Delete selected expression Ctrl+ D
To add selected function or column Space

Control Designer

Action Shortcut Key
To navigate properties tab Ctrl + P
To navigate data tab Ctrl + D

In Label Settings Window:

Action Shortcut Key
Change font style Ctrl + Shift + F
Increase font size Ctrl + Shift + F3
Decrease font size Ctrl + Shift + F2
Label vertical alignment Ctrl + Shift + W
Add hyper link Ctrl + Shift + H
Remove hyper link Ctrl + Shift + Q
Clear format Ctrl + Space

Default Keys Used for Navigation

Action Shortcut Key
Default Navigation Tab and Shift + Tab
Tree view Ctrl + Tab and Shift + Ctrl + Tab
To open drop down list F4
To check and uncheck the check box and radio button Space
Open context Menu Apps
Select and click Enter