Release Notes v1.1.1.5 (Service Pack)

August 01, 2017

New Features

  • Introducing a new widget : Pivot Grid (160946)
  • Dashboard Views now allow to create sets of filters, then re-use, save, and share them (178006)
  • Several instances of the Designer can now run concurrently, (163186)
  • In order to make embedding and integration easier, it is now possible to get a Permalink to Dashboards (178136)
  • When working in the Designer, it is now possible to Refresh Data to get new data (165831)
  • New widget filtering option « Rank by Date » allows to get only N first or last data points by Date (159500)
  • It is now possible to list all values of a numerical column inside a Grid, instead of having to aggregate them. This can allow to show separate numerical Ids (174136)
  • Grid Templates can now be configured even if no Measure is visible (174171)

Bug Fixes

  • “Edit Tag” can now be performed on an imported Historian Data Source. (172193)
  • Charts configured with a Row and Drill-Down now show Dates in the correct order. (172065)
  • Dashboards embedded inside another page can now be viewed from Internet Explorer 11 also (180046)
  • Fixed confusing message on Edit Connection which dropped tables by default, and reset other DataSources (173792)
  • Historian query was fixed for Min, Max and Average retrieval modes (174505)
  • Label Parameters now correctly handle multiple Data Sources, thanks to a new « long syntax » (172690)
  • Links To URL can now be created with multiple URL Parameters (176913)
  • SQL schema is now updated when reconnecting (170577)
  • URL Parameters now correctly handle multiple Data Sources, thanks to a new « long syntax » (177624)
  • Widgets can now be published even if a Widget with the same name exists inside a published Dashboard (180487)
  • Widgets can now be published even if a Widget with the same name is already published (Version History is used) (180488)
  • Fixed an issue where custom Chart legend could show wrong labels (179875)
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes Range Navigator Widget didn’t apply filter when bar touched the right border (174244)
  • Historian queries with State Calculations are now correctly formed (179969)
  • Historian Query Filter Remove Outliers was fixed (179562)
  • The subtitle from Proportion Charts is now editable or can be removed. (174126)
  • When an integer is converted to string, it will no longer contain decimals (except in Preview, bug to be fixed) (174138)
  • Correct error messages are now displayed when a Historian Connection fails. (172172)
  • Fixed an issue where some geoJSON Points could appear without value on Choropleth Maps (167683)
  • Fixed a graphical glitch in Proportion Charts with data bound to a Row when drill down, then maximize, then drill back up. (169803)
  • Fixed an issue where a widget couldn’t be deleted and caused errors (174811)
  • Fixed an issue where BubbleMap Widget didn’t show in Designer after changing aggregation, and cast error during Preview (173899)
  • Fixed errors in Designer when re-using a Data Source based on flat files (Excel, CSV, JSON) (178093)
  • Grid Link with parameter will now work properly (174164)
  • Importing an AD group containing a user whose name contains an apostrophe ‘ will now complete correctly (172970)
  • In Preview, default sorting in the Grid is now correct at the sub-second level. (161849)
  • Milliseconds are now correct with Excel data source (158648)
  • Setting dot “.” as hostname in Historian Connection will not cause an error in Data Integration Tool anymore (172165)
  • Treemap will keep its colors after using as filter (174122)
  • URL Parameters can now be correctly replaced when their value contains a space (179877)
  • When previewing dashboard, the Choropleth Map will show (no white widget) (173898)
  • When the dashboard is updated through Auto-refresh or “Update dashboard” menu, then single Gauges will correctly remain displayed (171061)
  • Bubbles are now correctly positionned on the shape, even when the polygon is concave (169001)
  • Fixed an issue in DatePicker with a range, where cancelling Relative Date selection gave an unexpected end date in the future. (169797)
  • Fixed an issue when using several Date columns in Grid URL Links would generate wrong parameters for the link (177959)
  • Fixed an issue where a Chart could disappear when filtering (169107)
  • Fixed an issue where Designer could hang in certain workflows when unbinding a column on widget configured with Link (181256)
  • Fixed an issue where in a certain configuration, clicking to hide an used column, then cancelling the confirmation dialog made the dashboard unusable. (167901)
  • Fixed an issue where using Historian “Edit Tag” un-hid hidden column in an inconsistent way (171951)
  • Fixed an issue with Bubble Maps where a bubble could be drawn a second time in a wrong place (164139)
  • Fixed errors in Designer when switching from linking dashboard to URL link (174805)
  • In Proportion widgets, formatting measure by appending text will now work correctly (173802)
  • In Server, Category name in Japanese Language will correctly list Dashboards (173357)
  • The minimum and maximum values of a Gauge will display correct suffix text. (169285)
  • When a TreeMap drill-down title is clicked, it won’t show a wrong tooltip anymore (168932)
  • miscellaneous UI fixes

Known Issues

  • Column renaming is lost when re-opening a Dashboard file (183015)
  • In some configurations, Column Charts can ignore URL parameters (182048)
  • When using drill-down and up several levels, then down again, the drill-down path gets corrupted (182764)
  • When a data source is unavailable, loading the Dashboard in the Designer will fail to load the data binding (169025)
  • In Charts, Custom Colour gets lost during Drill-Down (182768)
  • When using a Link To URL containing characters escaped with %percent, the %percent character is escaped a second time and the link becomes wrong. (181590)
  • Using a Pivot Grid as Master Widget can create a wrong selection. (181429)
  • On Reconnecting a Data Connection, the Data Source configuration is lost. Workaround for refreshing : use Refresh (175318)
  • Treemap legend can display wrong values when using drilldown (174510)
  • Choropleth Map cannot correctly be set as Listener Widget (172843)
  • When editting Historian Connection, radio button states may not be correctly restored. (169469)
  • When editting Excel Connection to change the source file, the data is not refreshed and the old data remains, (181155)
  • When using a Date column in a Grid link, wrong values can be generated in the URL. (177963)
  • some Expressions generate a wrong format and cannot be bound to widgets (173161)
  • The new long syntax for Label Parameters will not work for Expressions and renamed columns (172690)
  • Some maximized widget cannot open a Link to URL when they are Maximized : Charts, ComboChart, ProportionCharts, Card (182350)
  • PivotGrid links to URL are be generated incorrectly (182349)
  • For some configurations, Pivot Grid image/PDF exports are garbled or empty (181424)
  • Some Pivot Grid configurations cannot be maximized (181419)
  • When using a Link To Dashboard with a Permalink as URL, the “Set Parameters” has no effect. (181328)
  • After setting a URL to Dashboard, clicking on the radio button Link to > “Dashboard” then “Set Parameters” fails with a Null Reference Exception. Workaround : click elsewhere to validate the link, (181325)
  • Expressions with square brackets inside strings cause issues (181138)
  • Link to Dashboard Views from the Server’s Dashboard list doesn’t work (179891)
  • Server Installer accepts invalid characters for Site Names (178023)
  • In certain workflows, Choropleth Maps can become empty at runtime. (172841)
  • DatePicker with relative Dates doesn’t work with relative Times. (169795)
  • Dashboard image exports cannot be downloaded correctly in IE11 (169759)
  • Grid initial sorting can only be correcly applied to the first column (169108)
  • Grid Column sorting is not retained during widget export (167422)
  • For Historian Connection, DateTime offset is handled differently in Preview and Publication (162934)
  • When setting a URL parameter, the Combobox Widget ignores it when opening for the second time. (183243)
  • Gauge cannot be configured with a Link To URL (182348)
  • When renaming an Expression used in a Grid KPI, the Grid KPI is lost. (181794)
  • Pivot Grid image and PDF exports contain ideograms instead of icons (181362)
  • When settings up a Link To Dashboard and entering a URL, it is not validated and”Set Parameters” is not available. Workaround : click to edit the widget title in order to validate the URL (181324)
  • Unzooming maps too fast can cause graphical glitches (177641)
  • When logging in from the Designer, it is not possible to use Windows Authentication (172967)
  • After installing Data Integration Tool, unticking « Start Data Integration » still starts the tool (172104)
  • Tray manager for Data Integration Tool doesn’t load for multiple users at the same time. (168500)
  • When removing a table from a Data Source, the tables that were joined afterwards get removed as well, even if they do not depend on it for the join. (160096)
  • In Proportion Charts, TOP 5 filter is not applied in all configurations (158455)
  • When renaming an Expression, its aggregation configuration (SUM/AVG/MAX/…) is reset to SUM. (181789)
  • converting an int to string will contain decimals (in Preview only) (174138)
  • In value labels, order of unit and thousands prefix is not culture dependent (159937)


Refer to the following steps to upgrade the Code 192 Dashboard Server from an older version to this version:

  • Follow the installation steps from here.

Dashboard Server updates the database schema of your current version to the new version.


For SQL and Oracle databases, make sure you have a valid network connection to the database while upgrading to the new version.