The Code192 Alpana Dashboard Server lets you efficiently organize and share Dashboards through a web interface. Check the below list of key features in the Code192 Alpana Dashboard Server.

Key features

Dashboard management — Dashboards are efficiently organized under the categories. Permission to view the Dashboards can be given to specific users or groups.

Designer integration — Seamlessly design and publish Dashboards from within the Code 192 Dashboard Designer application.

Versioning — All items stored in the Dashboard server are versioned, so it is possible to revert to an older version.

User management — Users can be easily organized into groups to accurately map the structure of the small and large organizations.

Scheduling — Dashboards can be exported into an image file and emailed according to a schedule. The scheduling functionality is very flexible.

Flexible permissions — A flexible permission scheme controls the access to read, write, and delete Dashboards.

View Dashboards — The built-in HTML 5 Dashboard Viewer control lets the user to view Dashboards from within the browser.

Export — Dashboards can be exported to image file formats.

Custom branding — The Dashboard server has built-in customization capabilities such as allowing you to add your organization’s name, logo, welcome note, etc.