The Code 192 Alpana Dashboard Designer application lets you connect to data and visualize them as dashboards using data visualization and filter widgets. The composed dashboard can then be published to the dashboard server for sharing from within the designer application itself.

Key features

Data Connectivity — You can connect to file based data sources like, Microsoft Excel, CSV and JSON or server based data sources like SQL Server,Wonderware Historian Server, Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), PostgreSQL, SQLite,ODBC Connection (MySQL, Oracle and Access), Microsoft Azure Table Storage, Salesforce, Hive and Spark SQL, or RESTful web services through Web Data Source.

Built-in Simple ETL — You can combine multiple tables in a structured database or an excel workbook to generate a de-normalized virtual data table better suited for visualization as dashboards.

Configurable Widgets — It includes 21 data visualization, 7 filter and 2 miscellaneous widgets.

Seamless integration with the Dashboard Server — You can create, publish, and import dashboards,data sources and widgets to the dashboard server from within the designer application itself.

SQL Server Impersonation within domain — Under Windows authentication mode, user accounts imported from Active Directory to Dashboard Server will impersonate as Dashboard Server user to communicate with SQL Server instance.