Before designing a dashboard, it is necessary to decide the data that you are going to visualize, to pick the right widgets for visualization.

So It’s important to understand the difference between a Connection and a Data source.

Difference between Data Sources and Connections


The Connection represents your connection to a type of data. It can be a Microsoft SQL server database

The Connection can also represent a Microsoft Excel File.


For a complete list of supported connection type, please check the connecting to data section here.

Data Source

The Data Source is a representation of your data. It can be created from a connection.

Examples from one connection

A Data source can represent a table from a Microsoft SQL Server connection like below.

A Data source can also represent two tables from the same Microsoft SQL Server connection like the example below.

### Examples from two connections A `Data source` can represent data from different `connections` like the example below. ![](images/data-source-two-connections.png)


If you create a Data Source from two tables or two connections you will have to merge data. Please see the section joining table here