Commenting Dashboard and Widget

Code 192 Dashboard Designer allows you to enable commenting over a dashboard and/or its individual widgets by users when published to a dashboard server. You can toggle this setting through the Enable Comment option exposed in application menu or toolbar for dashboard and in widget properties window for individual widgets.

Commenting a Dashboard

To enable commenting a dashboard, navigate to the Dashboard menu and select Enable Comment.

You can also enable commenting for dashboard by navigating to the Dashboard tab and select Enable Comment option in toolbar.

Commenting a Widget

To enable commenting for a widget, select that widget in the WIDGETS container window and either double click it or right click to open the context menu and select Open to open the selected widget in a separate tab.

Once the widget tab was opened, navigate to the Properties pane and select the Enable Comment option under Container Appearance section.


Image, Label and RangeNavigator widgets do not have Commenting support.


You may find the commenting procedure here